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GATE vs IIT-JAM | Which One You Should Choose?

An Analysis of IIT-JAM Vs GATE Exam Today we will discuss an important point for students, about which many students have questions – should one..

An Analysis of IIT-JAM Vs GATE Exam 

Today we will discuss an important point for students, about which many students have questions – should one prepare for IIT-JAM or GATE. We will discuss the differences between both the exams, career prospects, benefits that come with IIT-JAM and GATE exam in this article.


Introduction to examinations

  • Both IIT-JAM and GATE are conducted by IITs, while IIT-JAM 2022 was conducted by IIT Roorkee, while GATE 2022 was conducted by IIT Kharagpur.
  • The eligibility requirements for these exams are different, engineering students can prepare for IIT-JAM, while BSc students can prepare for GATE. Third year students and engineering students are also eligible to qualify for GATE, whereas for IIT-JAM, it is mandatory for the student to be in third year.
  • If engineering students want to do master's after engineering, then they should study Physics for two years or four semesters for IIT-JAM exam.

Career Prospects


  • If you crack the IIT-JAM exam, you can pursue Masters from IIT or pursue MSc+Doctoral integrated programme.
  • There are many opportunities for different disciplines, such as a master's in mathematics, a master's in mathematical computing, or a Masters in other interdisciplinary branches or research.


  • After success in GATE exam, students can pursue M.Tech or integrated doctoral programs from IITs or may aspire to pursue master's from abroad.
  • Students considering government jobs, Public Sector Units (PSUs), or can also pursue management studies from IIMs with GATE score.


  • IIT-JAM conducts exams for seven subjects, while GATE exam is conducted for 29 subjects.
  • IIT-JAM has maximum number of social science students whereas GATE exam has maximum number of engineering students.
  • IIT-JAM also has more number of placements which gives more opportunities to the students, whereas GATE has tight placement and lakhs of students appear for placement in each branch.


IIT-JAM and GATE, both are important exams, but the decision depends on the preferred subject and career goals of the students. There is a difference in eligibility between GATE for engineering students and IIT-JAM for science students, but both the exams provide a golden opportunity for education and job in their respective fields.

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