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Vrindavan and Mathura - Amazing Mysterious Places

Vrindavan: Forest of Tulsi Origin of the name: The name Vrindavan comes from 'Vrinda' and 'van', which is known as the forest of Tulsi. Old story: 6

Vrindavan: Forest of Tulsi

Origin of the name: The name Vrindavan comes from 'Vrinda' and 'van', which is known as the forest of Tulsi.

Old story: 6 thousand years ago, it was considered to be a Tulsi forest spread over an area of 10 kilometers square, which can be seen today in Nidhivan of Vrindavan.

Vrindavan and Mathura - Amazing Mysterious Places
Vrindavan and Mathura - Amazing Mysterious Places

Vishram Ghat: Brother-sister's bath

Sacred Tradition: Every Kartik month, on the day of Bhai Dooj, purification takes place on Yamuna ji, which is considered as Vishram Ghat.

Historical incident: Even after being adopted by Yamraj, Yamuna took an oath from her brother Yamraj that she would purify herself at Vishram Ghat.

Panchmukhi Shivalinga: Family of Shiva

Devotion: Worship is done on the Panchmukhi Shivling located in Vishram Ghat, in which Lord Shiva is sitting in the Panchmukhi form.

Yamuna Mata: Marriage place of Krishna

Shringari Gatha: Milan temple situated in Mathura is the place of marriage of Shri Krishna with Yamuna ji, who is called Yamuna Mata.

Worship practice: At the time of Lord Krishna's earthly return, he met Yamuna and married her.

Bansi Chor Radha Rani: Secret of Needhivan

Makhachor Krishna: Radha Rani had stolen Krishna's flute, after which the temple of flute thief Radha Rani was established in Needhivan.

Venue of Rasleela: The venue of Rasleela is in Needhivan, where Radha Rani and Shri Krishna enjoy Rasleela every moment of the night.

Bansi Chor Radha Rani: Secret of Needhivan

Durvasa Rishi: Unique anger-free sage

English List: Durvasa Rishi, known as the incarnation of Lord Shiva who was not prone to anger.

Importance of Friendship: Sage Durvasa was not given a boon by any god, only Lord Shri Krishna received his blessings.

Raasleela: Secret of Needhivan

Story of devotion: At night in Needhivan, Krishna ji's Rasleela takes place in the Tulsi trees, which results in the Gopis.

Prediction: It is believed that Tulsi trees remain trees during the day and turn into Gopis at night.

84 Kos Yatra: Tradition of Tour

Parikrama starts: Every year a journey of 84 kos is done from Vishram Ghat, in which people worship Yamuna ji and then start the journey.

Krishna's birthplace: Kansa's litter

Extremely sacred: The Krishna Janmabhoomi, now converted into a temple, was earlier the prison of Kansa, where Lord Krishna was born.

Gopeshwar Mahadev: Shiva's Raasleela

Bhakti Gatha: Gopeshwar Mahadev Temple, where Lord Shiva performed Raslila with the Gopis, can be visited even today.

Enjoyment of Raslila: Shri Krishna ji had performed Raslila at night in Needhivan with the Gopis, in which he recognized Lord Shiva by calling him 'Gopeshwar Mahadev'.

KC Ghat: The war won by Krishna

History: According to Hindu mythology, near KC Ghat, Lord Krishna killed the demon KC, due to which this ghat is called KC Ghat.

Banke Bihari Temple: Special idol of Shri Krishna

Major Visit Places: The most famous temple of Vrindavan, Shri Banke Bihari Temple, has a special idol of Lord Krishna, called Banke Bihari Ji.

These were some mysterious places which are hidden in Vrindavan and Mathura. Behind every place there is a deep history and unique devotion, knowing which gives peace to the soul.

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