Simple Way To Hide Footer Credit Link Of Blogger Templates

To Hide Footer Credit Link of Blogger Templates, You Need To Just Put These Code In Your Blogger Template.The footer credit code is found in footer section in your template. just click Cltr+F then search for footer.

Hide Footer Credit Link Of Blogger Templates

Before We Start lets talk about Our maximum of the newbies’blogger do n’t want to buy templates for their blogs. But when they try to remove credits from their free templates also their point just divert to another website.

Hide Footer Credit Link Of Blogger Templates

therefore, they expend hours after hours to hide the credit from their templates and if they query or asking How To Remove Credit/ Footer link from their template and the admin, and other personnel ingredients start fabricating shams of that queries which affect in the invention of this content.

How To Hide Footer Credit Link Of Blogger Templates

There are many way to hide footer Credit Link which given below.

Note: Before you make any changes to your Blogger template, please save a backup of your template. Otherwise there may be an accident that crash your template. We do not take any responsibility for your loss.

First Method

  • First find a footer section of blogger theme like 
< div class='footer' id='mycontent'>Footer Credit</div>{codeBox}

  • Then Add Style attributes in footer section like 
< div class='footer' id='mycontent' style='visibility: hidden'>Footer Credit</div>{codeBox}

Second Method 

  • First go to Blooger Main dashboard
  • then go to theme >>Edit HTML
  • after that search For "<script src=’//’/>"
  • Then replace it with "<script src=’//’/>"

Third Method 

Using CSS Modification
for example, if your blogger template footer class is ABC then You Search For ABC in CSS Section of Your Blogger template like this
< div class='footer-copyright section' id='mycontent' style='visibility: hidden'>Footer Credit</div>{codeBox}

 in this case my footer class is "footer-copyright section", So Iam Going to search for Footer In CSS Section Which main tag as  <b:skin></b:skin> Or <style></style> 


.footerbar .footer-copyright{font-size:14px;font-weight:400;margin:0;} {codeBox}

Replace the above code With Just By adding "display:none;" 

.footerbar .footer-copyright{font-size:14px;font-weight:400;margin:0;display:none;}{codeBox}

Fourth Method

it is the simplest way to hide footer link by just adding <!--Footer HTML CODE -->


< div class='footer-copyright section' id='mycontent'>Footer Credit</div>{codeBox}

Replace the above code by this

<!--< div class='footer-copyright section' id='mycontent'>Footer Credit</div>-->{codeBox} 

 Fifth Method

Using This Mrthod you can Unblock The Footer widget

<b:section class='footer copyright-section' id='footer' name='Footer-copyright-section' showaddelement='false'>

<b:widget id='Footer-Credit' locked='true' title='' type='Attribution-footer' visible='true'>{codeBox}

replace the above code with the change in showaddelement=’false’ with showaddelement=’true’

 <b:section class='footer copyright-section' id='footer' name='Footer-copyright-section' showaddelement='true'>

<b:widget id='Footer-Credit' locked='true' title='' type='Attribution-footer' visible='true'>{codeBox}


Sixth Method

  • First Go To Blogger Dashboard and then 
  • go to Theme section and click on EDIT HTML
  • Now Search For Footer Credit such as Designed By Or Created By or Powered By etc.
  • After Found the Footer Credit Just Slightly Scroll Down and you will see code like this
<script type='text/javascript'>
var _$_obify3=["\x51\x20\x61\x24\x6B\x3D\x5B\x22\x5C\x31\x5A\x22\x2C\x22\x5C\x6A\x5C\x70\x5C\x6D\x5C\x68\x5C\x64\x22\x2C\x22\x5C\x6D\x5C\x63\x5C\x6E\x5C\x7A\x5C\x64\x5C\x47\x22\x2C\x22\x5C\x4D\x22\x2C\x22\x5C\x64\x5C\x69\x5C\x68\x5C\x6F\x22\x2C\x22\x5C\x6F\x5C\x65\x5C\x64\x5C\x71\x5C\x47\x22\x2C\x22\x5C\x4B\x5C\x6A\x5C\x70\x5C\x65\x5C\x6E\x5C\x75\x5C\x71\x5C\x6D\x5C\x65\x5C\x6A\x5C\x6A\x5C\x4D\x5C\x78\x5C\x63\x5C\x69\x5C\x69\x5C\x66\x5C\x69\x5C\x6C\x5C\x6F\x5C\x6A\x5C\x7A\x5C\x78\x5C\x4C\x5C\x4B\x5C\x42\x5C\x4C\x5C\x31\x50\x5C\x69\x5C\x69\x5C\x66\x5C\x69\x5C\x59\x5C\x4B\x5C\x45\x5C\x42\x5C\x4C\x5C\x32\x79\x5C\x6E\x5C\x42\x5C\x6A\x5C\x70\x5C\x31\x65\x5C\x34\x4D\x5C\x66\x5C\x75\x5C\x33\x43\x5C\x63\x5C\x6A\x5C\x44\x5C\x6D\x5C\x64\x5C\x6A\x5C\x75\x5C\x31\x79\x5C\x66\x5C\x44\x5C\x6E\x5C\x74\x5C\x4B\x5C\x45\x5C\x6A\x5C\x70\x5C\x65\x5C\x6E\x5C\x4C\x22\x2C\x22\x5C\x4B\x5C\x74\x5C\x68\x5C\x48\x5C\x75\x5C\x71\x5C\x6D\x5C\x65\x5C\x6A\x5C\x6A\x5C\x4D\x5C\x78\x5C\x6D\x5C\x66\x5C\x65\x5C\x74\x5C\x63\x5C\x69\x5C\x78\x5C\x4C\x5C\x4B\x5C\x45\x5C\x74\x5C\x68\x5C\x48\x5C\x4C\x22\x2C\x22\x5C\x45\x5C\x43\x5C\x63\x5C\x63\x5C\x74\x5C\x6A\x5C\x45\x5C\x70\x5C\x66\x5C\x6A\x5C\x64\x5C\x6A\x5C\x45\x5C\x74\x5C\x63\x5C\x43\x5C\x65\x5C\x44\x5C\x6D\x5C\x64\x5C\x33\x73\x5C\x65\x5C\x6D\x5C\x64\x5C\x4D\x5C\x31\x41\x5C\x6A\x5C\x66\x5C\x6E\x5C\x32\x79\x5C\x6F\x5C\x65\x5C\x5A\x5C\x6C\x5C\x69\x5C\x63\x5C\x6A\x5C\x44\x5C\x6D\x5C\x64\x5C\x6A\x5C\x4D\x22\x2C\x22\x5C\x69\x5C\x63\x5C\x71\x5C\x63\x5C\x6E\x5C\x64\x22\x2C\x22\x5C\x6D\x5C\x68\x5C\x6A\x5C\x64\x5C\x31\x61\x22\x2C\x22\x5C\x45\x5C\x43\x5C\x63\x5C\x63\x5C\x74\x5C\x6A\x5C\x45\x5C\x71\x5C\x66\x5C\x6F\x5C\x6F\x5C\x63\x5C\x6E\x5C\x6

Just You need to do is Remove All code and press Save Template  

I hope your blogger template footer credit link is now hidden.

If your problem is still not solved then comment below. We give our 100% to solve your problem.

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  1. I'm using g-galaxy blogger template can you help me to remove footer credit of my template...

    1. try to remove cdata just below your template footer section...

    2. using Sixth Method
      read properly and then impliment it.
      thank you
      article url- Hide Footer Credit Link of Blogger Templates

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