sellers json file for adsense publishers


JSON File For Adsense 

Sellers.json is an IAB Tech Lab standard that enhances transparency in the advertising ecosystem and helps combat fraud. Sellers.json works through a publicly available file of vendor information. Publishers can choose to share their personal name or business name (depending on their AdSense account type) in the file. It provides advertisers with a reliable way to find and verify the identity of publishers.

We encourage you to make your information transparent and to allow your personal or business name to be listed. This will help advertisers verify your inventory. If your information is not made transparent, advertisers will not be able to see your name, which could affect your income.

Source- Google

how to publish your seller information in the google sellers.json file

To Fix This Issue You Need To Follow These Simple Steps

Step-1:- Login Into Your Google Adsense Account

Step-2:- Then Press On Bell Icon On Right Side Corner Or under Notification Section

sellers json file for adsense publishers

Step-3:- Now Click On Action Button

Step-4:- Then You Need To Change Your Account Visibility Status To Transparent

sellers json file for adsense publishers

Note:- If Your account VisibilityStatus Is confidential Then you Must Be change To Transparent according To the new Adsense policy

How to confirm your sellers.json setting

Please Goto To The This URL And Review Your Seller Json File

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