How To Join Windows 10 To Domain | The Quickest & Easiest Way

Join Windows 10 To Domain

Here we discuss How To Join Windows 10 To Domain or How To Join Windows  To Domain. A Domain-based organization gives brought together the organization of an entire network from a single computer called a server. Domains give a single user log on from any network computer within the network perimeter. Clients can get to assets for which they have suitable consent. While I would prefer not to go into the complexities of Domain networks, you can discover more by reaching your Network Administrator on the off chance that you experience issues interfacing with your working environment space.


  • Windows Server Active Directory 2019 is already arranged under the ip and the client(user) account is as of now configured in Active Directory Domain Services with a suitable secret password 
  • DNS server settings are arranged in network settings ( 

To join Domain, first ensure  that you've got the following information and resources:

  1. a User Account on the Domain, this information you may get from your Network Administrator.
  2. Name of Domain.
  3. computer running on Windows 10 Pro/ Enterprise/Education editions
  4. Domain Controller must be running on Windows Server 2003.
  5. I found during testing that Windows 10 doesn't support Windows 2000 Server Domain Controller.

Join Windows 10 To Domain Step By Step Guide

Step-1: On the Windows 10 computer go to Settings 👉 System 👉 About then click on Join a domain.

Step-2: Now Enter the Domain name and click on Next. You must have the correct domain information, but if not, please contact your Network Administrator.

Join Windows 10 to Domain

Step-3: Then Enter account information that is used to authenticate on the Domain then click on OK.

Join Windows 10 to Domain

Step-4: Please wait while your computer is authenticated or verifying on the Domain.

Join Windows 10 to Domain

Step-5: Click on Next when you see this screen.

Join Windows 10 to Domain

Step-6: And then you will need to restart the computer to complete the process.

Join Windows 10 to Domain

Step-7: When the sign-in screen coming, you'll notice the DOMAIN\User account appears. Now  Enter your password and you'll now be logged onto your Domain.

Join Windows 10 to Domain

Step-8: You'll observe that once you are connected to the Domain, your About setting no longer list options that were presented previously. This is because Now your computer is centrally managed by the server.

Join Windows 10 to Domain

Step-9: Now log into your local account

  • If a need arises where you may be need to leave the domain or log into your local account, you may easily do so. Log into local account while Join Windows 10 To Domain. Sign out of your machine at the sign-in screen, and select “Other” user.

Join Windows 10 to Domain

Step-9: Then Fill the machine name followed by a backslash, then your local user account as shown below.

Join Windows 10 to Domain

Step-10: Leave a Domain

  • To leave the Domain, sign into Local Account, Then click on  Start  👉 Settings 👉 System  👉 About, and then select Disconnect from the organization.

Join Windows 10 to Domain

Please note, when you Join Windows 10 To Domain, you may be required to change your password on the first login.

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