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The Quickest & Easiest Way TO SELL DOMAIN ON GODADDY

Here we discuss how to sell domain on GoDaddy, The Quickest & Easiest Way TO SELL DOMAIN ON GODADDY. GoDaddy is one of the top platform who provide...


Here we discuss how to sell domain on GoDaddy, The Quickest & Easiest Way TO SELL DOMAIN ON GODADDY. GoDaddy is one of the top platform who provides domain name to buy as well as sells services. On GoDaddy, you need not worry about how and where, as there is an option available for every single thing that requires to sell the domain

Domain names are the web addresses you buy to locate your website on the www (World Wide Web). One must purchase these from the provider at a suitable price. GoDaddy domain auctions helps the owner to sell or resell theirs for a good profit. 


Sell Domain on GoDaddy Auction

Before checking out the process on how to sell domain on GoDaddy Auctions, you need to purchase an auction membership. It comes with two packages that aren't much different from one and another. They are:

  1. For 1-year- Rs. 372.39/year. 
  2. For 2-years- Rs. 372.39/year.

Sell your domain at the best price is one of the advantages of registering for GoDaddy Auctions. Know how to sell domain on GoDaddy in this blog with step by step process to get the benefits.

Before Selling Your Domain Name Keep These Two Advises in Your Mind

  1. Sell Domain on GoDaddy and other sites: first You need to decide on which website you want to sell your domain. You can register is only one website or another. GoDaddy, however, is one of the best platforms for sell your domain name.
  2. Find Out the Domain Price Range: Dedicate a suitable rate to domain name. Do some research for surveying the prices of other domains name similar to yours. There are tools as well as online services, who will help you compare to calculate prices. This way you'll also know on what prices to sell GoDaddy domain and buy them.

Why Should You Sell Domain on GoDaddy Auctions?

  1. GoDaddy provides Auctions bidder verification process to provide security to the buying and selling party from fraud.
  2. The smartphone application provided by GoDaddy,in that you can view live and older auctions along with the bids. It is available for iOS as well as Android devices.
  3. The Premium Listing option will help your listing to get high priority and visibility to the bidders.
  4. The GoDaddy Auctions membership is available for the lowest registration fee than all the other domain selling websites.
  5. You may monitor multiple sales along with live notifications for any changes.
  6. Godaddy gives options to negotiate with the seller.
  7. The expired domain names automatically move for auctions. It is a reliable opportunity to selling a high authority domain at a profitable price.
  8. The auctions time doesn't keep extending. From the first day, the product gets listed, the customers can place the bids. At the end of the 7th day, the highest bidder wins.
  9. The Auctions Tools help you prepare for the sale or buy.
  10. After you know how to sell a domain on GoDaddy, you can select from multiple options to sell a domain name: Free and Simple listing with advanced feature to enhance the exposure on the selling list.

How to Sell Domain on GoDaddy Steps By Step Guide

You must understand that selling GoDaddy domain isn't a big task. The profit fall in line with your domain is in demand. You need to do some work on it, to increase its ranks and authority before putting the ‘For Sale’ sign to profit or benefits from it. 

Now you can follow these steps below to sell domain on GoDaddy:

STEP 1: To sell domain on GoDaddy log in to your GoDaddy profile.

STEP 2: Now click on the My Products section.

STEP 3: Now select the Manage option of the domain you are willing to put on sale. A Domains tab will appear.


STEP 4: Now, Click on Buy & Sell and


STEP 5: Click On(select) GoDaddy Auctions Listing. now the window will move to another section.

STEP 6:Then goto the Selling list.

STEP 7: Now Click on List a domain. There are multiple ways to list a domain name: Offer/Counter Offer, Offer/Counter Offer With Buy Now, Buy Now, And 7-Day Public Auction.


STEP 8: This type of message will appear for enrolling in GoDaddy Auctions Membership in case you have not registered for the same. Buy a suitable plan for your requirement to proceed.


STEP 9: Now, Fill the List  Domain form on the screen. Then select the domain names you want to sell. 


STEP 10: Fill the domains and listing type. Then Give all the necessary details, like PayPal e-mail, category, bid type, etc.

STEP 11: Now, Check on the Terms and conditions by marking

STEP 12: Decide the price range accordingly.

STEP 13: Then click on Finish.

This type of message will be shown to you. when your domain is successfully sold.


GoDaddy Auctions is indeed an efficient website for selling domains. However, other websites are also allowing the sale of the same. they are Sedo, Cax, Afternic, Flippa, and Namesilo. But, it is good to learn how to sell domain on GoDaddy for the number of advantages given above.

Once your domain names are listed, you may monitor their updates in this section under the Selling List along with the type of listing.

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