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Here we discuss how to add signature in outlook, how to add email signature in outlook, how to add signature in outlook 365, how to add signature in office 365 outlook email. Microsoft Outlook can be a personal information manager that is out there as a neighborhood of the Microsoft office suite. Primarily it's an email application. It also includes other applications like contact manager, calendar, note-taking, journal, etc. Microsoft Outlook is employed by professionals because it gives them the convenience to organize their emails, schedule their meetings using calenders and, sync all their contacts to the contact manager application.

how to add signature in outlook

In Outlook, you'll create one or more signatures for your emails. Your signature may include, images, your electronic card, a logo, text, or maybe a picture of your handwritten signature.

adding a signature to your outlook emails are important

Adding email signatures maybe thanks to present your contact details to the recipient. It acts as an e-business card. Including a signature indicates that email may be a common or preferred way of reaching you. this is often why you want to include your signature to all or any of the emails you send.

how to add signature in outlook

Steps to feature signature on your Outlook mails

Follow these simple steps to add a signature to your Outlook emails.

1.Open Outlook

Log in to this may open your Outlook inbox if you're already signed in to outlook.

If you are not already logged into Outlook mail, enter your mail id (or phone number) and your password.

2.Click Settings

Click on the settings icon. Tapping on the gear-shaped icon on the highest right side of your Outlook inbox will open a menu. 

3.Click on Option

Click on Option. it's present at the rock bottom of the menu. 

4.Select the e-mail Signature option

Select the e-mail Signature option. this feature is present within the Layout section of the choices on the left-hand side of your page.

5.Enter your signature

Enter your signature. Type your signature within the text box that appears on the proper side of the screen.

6.See that your signature is active

Click the "Automatically include my signature on new messages I compose" box to put a sign up it. this may make sure that your signature appears by default in every mail that you simply compose from here on.

Video Tutorial For How to Add Signature in Outlook

Video Credit:Kevin Stratvert

Email signatures are often a strong tool since they contain information that goes out with every new email sent. If you employ a pre-made signature in your work or personal emails, you likely include your contact information, employment title and/or name, and maybe a picture or logo. All of those elements convey tons about the sender and therefore the company, in order that they should be useful, informational, and visually attractive. In-Office 365, individual users can create and add signatures which will be added automatically to all or any outgoing emails or applied only to specific messages.

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