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How To Create Gmail Account (2021 Updated)

Here we discuss how to create Gmail account (2020 updated).you can easily create gmail account in simple steps,also you know about advantages of gmail

Creating a Gmail Account

Here we discuss how to create Gmail account (2021 updated). Setting up a Gmail account is very easy even your grandma could get it on. you'll get the work wiped out just a couple of minutes with none technical knowledge whatsoever. Also, it’s free. Before we show you ways to try to do it, it’s worth noting that once you create a Gmail account, you’re actually creating a Google account, which provides you access to all or any Google services including YouTube, Maps, Play Store, and lots of others. That’s an honest thing because you don’t need to register for every of those services individually.

Quick Video Tutorial For Create Gmail Account

How To Create Gmail Account Step By Step

The steps to make a Gmail account are listed below:

1.Open the official website of Gmail, which is additionally used for Sign-up. we will directly use the URL:

The page will appear as if the image is shown below:

How To Create Gmail Account

2.Just Click on the 'Create Account' option, as shown below

How To Create Gmail Account

3.We need to pick the choice from the drop-down list. for private use, we will select the 'For myself' option. For business purposes, we will select the 'To manage my business' option.

4.Just Click on the 'Next' button, as shown above.

5.A window to specify the private details will appear, as shown below:

How To Create Gmail Account
Here We are required to specified the Name, Email-ID, and password. we will set these parameters consistent with our choice.

For example,

Consider the below details.

How To Create Gmail Account

Here, the required email-id already exists. So, we will either specify the other unique ID or can select the e-mail from the choices suggested by Gmail, as shown above.

6. Click on the 'Next' button.

7. Now, a window will appear posing for optional and necessary data, as shown below:

How To Create Gmail Account

The optional data includes a telephone number and recovery email ID. the required data includes Date of Birth and Gender.

We need to specify these details.

8. Click on the 'Next' button.

9. A window will appear to simply accept the Privacy terms, as shown below:

How To Create Gmail Account

The 'More Options' category includes some occasional reminder settings.

10. Click on 'I agree' choice to accept the privacy terms, as shown above.

11. Our account is now created. we will start by sending emails and messages. the house page of our account will now appear because the image is shown below:

How To Create Gmail Account

Advantages of Gmail Account

This section briefly lists a number of the benefits of Gmail for a little business or entrepreneur to use, including:

  • Email Threading - An email thread allows you to group related emails together during a conversational style. This feature is particularly helpful for keeping project-related emails together. Gmail's default setting uses email threading. to find out more about the way to work with email threads, review 9 Group Email Thread Best Practices: to steer Better Conversations.
  • Virus and Spam Checking - Virus and spam checking are included together with your Gmail account at no extra charge. Gmail automatically Detects suspected spam messages and messages containing viruses/harmful data to the default Spam label. If you try to open one among these messages, you will see a warning message before it opens.
  • Free Email Storage - Store up to fifteen GB of email messages in your Gmail account freed from charge. If needed, you'll purchase additional storage for a reasonable monthly fee.
  • Gmail is Reliable - It rarely goes down. If you have ever missed a message because your email provider was down, you recognize how important reliability is. If email reliability may be a must-have for your business, Gmail may be a good selection .
  • Integration - Google has additional office suite tools like Calendar and Drive that employment well with Gmail. Plus, you'll import contacts from your Google+ social media account. Having the business tools you would like in one account is convenient.
  • Simplify Multiple Emails - Like many small business owners, you almost certainly have quite one email account. Checking all of them takes time. Through forwarding and other techniques, you'll use Gmail as a master email system to mix multiple emails into one. 
  • Customizable - you'll customize the Gmail interface with pre-existing themes or themes that you simply create yourself. Your inbox doesn't need to look bland.
  • Enhanced Productivity - Gmail includes a tasks to try to list that open from within Gmail and Calendar. Having the task list tool integrated into your email account makes updating it a snap.
  • Filters and Search - Gmail includes powerful filters tools that kind messages as you receive them. you'll also use the Search function to seek out misplaced emails.
  • Timesaving Shortcuts - While Gmail is user-friendly with an entire system, advanced users can save time by enabling and using keyboard shortcuts.

Benefits of a Gmail Account

  • It’s free.
  • It has excellent spam filters and keeps your inbox cleaner than the other email client.
  • It has a really generous space for storing allowance, 10+ GB of email space for storing.
  • You can change your theme and therefore the way your inbox works (i.e.there’s more flexibility than with the other email client).
  • Countless plugins and extensions are available and liberal to use. These can assist you customize your workflow and the way you employ email.
  • You have the facility of Google search functionality right inside your inbox.
  • Easily Accessible – your account are often accessed anywhere where there's internet access.
  • It’s reliable and infrequently crashes.

Disadvantages of Gmail Account

1. It doesn't convert files very easily.
2. Sometimes it slowdown due to a large no of the active users.
3. No Customized background options For user 
4. many distracting themes which take more time to load the dashboard
5. It's addictive for everyone.

I hope Now your Problems or questions related to Create Gmail Account is solved...

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