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Blogger SEO

Hey Guys, here we discuss blogger SEO tips, blogger SEO optimization, blogger SEO setting. during this article, we'll unfold the Blogger SEO settings that professional bloggers use to rank their websites on program preferences. Follow these blogger SEO settings to rank your blogger website.

SEO or program Optimization means optimizing the blog in order that it ranks higher in search engines like Google, Bing, etc. you want to realize SEO thoroughly to urge an outcome from your blog site. If you're a newbie in SEO, don't be concerned, follow these advanced Blogger SEO  Tips in 2020. 

Basic Blogger SEO Tips

This basic SEO setting is completed inside the blogger website in order that your website becomes ready for ranking. So follow these steps, and eventually, your blog will start ranking from rock bottom to the first position.

1. Favicon

Favicon is the icon of your site. By default, any blogger site has the blogger icon as favicon. you would like to vary it in order that your website looks unique and distinct.

But before that, you would like to form a favicon for your site. may be a free tool that you simply can use to form a favicon for your website. Once you made and downloaded the favicon, it's very necessary to place it up in your blog.

Follow these steps to upload the favicon in your blogger site:

1. First, click on Setting Blogger in order that the interface

Blogger SEO Tips


2. Now you'll get an option of the favicon, go there and upload your favicon and again click to urge back to Classic Blogger interface.

COOL! Now, your blogger site will have the specified favicon.

2. Title And Description

Title and outline are the most identities of your blog. you want to provide a title consistent with your niche, and therefore the description must contain the specified keywords upon which your blog is predicated.

To change the Title and outline. of your blog, follow the steps:

Blogger SEO Tips

3. HTTPS Redirect

Blogger SEO Tips

It ensures that your blog is safe to go to . So always activate HTTP for Security and redirect your blog from HTTP to HTTPS.

4. Enable Meta Tags and supply Description

Meta Tags are the hidden tags employed by google crawlers to spot your content and put it up consistent with your niche category. Follow the steps to supply a meta description to your blog.

Under the Settings, please scroll right down to determine meta tags enable it and supply an honest description.

Blogger SEO Tips

5.Enable Custom Robots.txt

It helps the robots to seek out out different pages in your blog. Now copy and paste the subsequent codes in custom robot.txt column.

  • User-agent: Mediapartners-Google
  • Disallow: 
  • User-agent: *
  • Disallow: /search
  • Allow: /

  • Sitemap:

Blogger SEO Tips

6. Custom Robots Header Tags

Custom robots header tags allow us to index our homepage, posts and search page into the program preferences.

Please scroll down under settings to seek out out custom robots header tags enable it and set the items consistent with mine.

For homepage tags:

Blogger SEO Tips

For archive and search page tags:

Blogger SEO Tips

For post and page tags: 

Blogger SEO Tips

All right, these were some basic SEO settings you would like to try to to to rank your websites now, let's check out some advanced Blogger SEO in 2020.

Advanced Blogger SEO Tips

In these Advanced SEO Tips, we'll submit our blog's sitemap into different webmaster tools. Webmaster tool may be a service that's provided by the program s to take care of the performance within the search leads to that specific search engine. Now let's mention how we will embed our website within the webmaster tools.

1. Google Webmaster Tools: 

Go to the settings tab and scroll down and attend Google Search Console.

Blogger SEO Tips

Now enter your website's URL and submit. As you submit click on the go-to property.

Blogger SEO Tips

Now under the sitemap section enter and click on submit and therefore the sitemap will successfully be added into the Google webmaster tool.

Blogger SEO Tips

Now, the sitemap of your website is submitted successfully.

2. Bing Webmaster Tool

First, attend Bing Webmaster tool from here (

Blogger SEO Tips

Once you reach there, check-in with the Google account utilized in the blogger.

After that, click on import from Google Search Console, and it'll automatically submit the sitemap from Google Search Console.

Blogger SEO Tips

Select the location and click on import.

Blogger SEO Tips

Now, under the sitemap section, you'll see that the sitemap of your blog is already there.

3.Yandex Webmaster Tools

First, attend Yandex webmaster tool from here(

Once you reach there, check in with the Google account utilized in the blogger.

Blogger SEO Tips

After that, click on the Add site and add your website.

Blogger SEO Tips

Blogger SEO Tips

and Now you get a meta tag to copy that.

Blogger SEO Tips

Paste it under the top tag(4th line in HTML section of your code).

Once you've got pasted the meta tag, you've got verified your website.

Blogger SEO Tips

Now it's the time to submit your sitemap in Yandex webmaster Tool. to feature the sitemap, click on sitemap files under the indexing tab and your sitemap file. ''

Blogger SEO Tips

Now your sitemap is successfully submitted within the Yandex Webmaster tool, and it's able to rank.

Video Tutorial For Blogger SEO in 2020

 Rank higher Seo Tips

Once you probably did all the essential and advanced settings for blogger, your blog is prepared to rank in Google, Bing, and lots of other search engines. But to rank high, you would like to possess good content, suitable backlinks. So, during this section, we'll discuss the way to get consistently rank on the primary page.

1. Use catchy titles

You should use catchy titles in your blog post to draw in the audience. Here is that the list of words you'll use in your title to seem appealing and exciting.

  • Top 10...
  • Top 5...
  • Top 3...
  • How to affect ...
  • 10 ways to...
  • Guaranteed methods to...

These were a couple of keywords that you simply can use to form your title look more attractive. Here is how you'll add the title to your blog post.

2. Keyword research 

Before writing a piece of writing about any topic, it's essential to settle on a correct keyword. This chosen keyword will help your item rank. But selecting an adequate keyword with less competition is basically difficult. So here is that the list of free tools that you simply can for keyword researching.

Ubersuggest (paid but daily you get a couple of free searches)

Ahrefs (paid tool also provides a free version)

These tools aren't 100% accurate, but they will offer you an honest estimation to settle on a correct keyword for your article.

3. SEO friendly article 

The main thing which will rank within the program preferences is your article. So it's essential to write down an essay which will rank. One thing you want to remember before writing is that your content must solve someone's problems. Here are the few essential tips which you want to remember before writing content.

The keyword must be used 3-4 times.

Your content must be plagiarism-free. you'll check for plagiarism at Small Seo Tools.

It would be best if you employ heading, subheading, and minor heading tags appropriately.

Non-copyrighted images must be used. you'll find non copyrighted images here.

4. Custom Permalink 

By default, the blogger sets an automatic permalink for our posts, which is far bigger and is basically harder to rank, so you want to change your permalink from automatic to custom and use an easy permalink. to vary the permalink, follow these steps:

5. Search Description 

A search description may be a small description which appears under the title of the post within the search index pages. The title and search description creates the primary impression. So, it's very essential to possess an honest search description. within the search description always put alittle summary of the article. In blogger, you'll apply the search description within the following ways:

6. Backlinks 

Backlink means when the other website redirects to your site or your link on their website then they create a backlink for your website. Backlinks provide a high amount of traffic, but at initial days no website goes to offer a backlink free of charge of cost. So at the initial days, you'll buy making backlinks, otherwise, you can do guest posting in several websites for a backlink.

In these websites, you'll pay to form your backlinks

  1. Blogger
  2. Fiverr
  3. Freelancer
  4. Upwork
  5. Webwiki

You can do guest posting in these sites and make backlinks

  1. Techripon
  2. Shoutmeloud
  3. Dailyblogtips
  4. Hellbound Bloggers
  5. Copyblogger

7. Marketing

Initially, your blog won't have enough audience, so to create up an audience, you want to do marketing. you'll do paid promotion for marketing or share on social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, etc.

I Hope Blogger SEO Tips Given Above will Help You...