Full Tutorial For Propeller Ads Integration With Wordpress

Instructions for WordPress

We discuss Propeller Ads Integration With WordPress step by step with an example. how to add propeller ads in WordPress, Full Tutorial For Propeller Ads Integration With WordPress, Propeller Ads Integration With WordPress, Full Tutorial For Propeller Ads,
you can easily follow these steps to setup your propeller ads account with WordPress. Here are simple instructions for verifying and adding your Propeller Ads codes to your website managed by WordPress.

You Must have

  1. First of all, you need a Propeller Ads account
  2. which may be created from the given link{Propeller Ads }.if you haven't any account
  3. and then just follow the instructions and make much/more money online

Create Propeller Ads account And Add Custom Domain To Earn Money

Step 1 – Signing Up

1.On PropellerAds.com, click on “sign up”. After which you'll be taken to the subsequent page. Under “I’m A Publisher” click “SIGN UP” again.
Propeller Ads Integration With Wordpress

2. Fill altogether the specified details within the form.
Propeller Ads Integration With Wordpress

3. After you've got done that, you'll receive an email asking you to verify the account. Find the e-mail and click on “VERIFY ACCOUNT”.
Propeller Ads Integration With Wordpress

Step 2 – Verify Your Site

After verifying your account, you'll check-in and consider your dashboard, which is required for the subsequent step – verifying your site.

Site verification are often administered either by pasting code or uploading a file to the rear end of your site. But, albeit you've got to affect code or file uploads, using either of those methods is pretty simple.

1.If you're not taken to the page where it asks you to verify the location. In your dashboard, click on “Sites”, Then click on the location that needs verification.
Propeller Ads Integration With Wordpress

2. this is often where you'll either got to download the file or paste the code. i will be able to show you ways to try to both.
Propeller Ads Integration With Wordpress

If you're looking to stick the code instead follow step 4.

Step 4

3. Click on “Download file”. After it's downloaded you'll got to access the file manager which is found in your cPanel to access the basis directory. As a default, your primary domain are going to be under the “public_html” folder (root directory). Upload the file here.
Ignore step 4 if taking the file upload route.
Propeller Ads Integration With Wordpress

4. to stick the code, copy it first. In WordPress under “Appearance” click on “Theme editor”.
Propeller Ads Integration With Wordpress

5. Whilst within the “Theme Editor” click on header.php then paste the code within the <header> tag.
Propeller Ads Integration With Wordpress

6. Once the file is uploaded or the code has been pasted return to your dashboard and clicks on “Verify”.
Propeller Ads Integration With Wordpress

How to verify my WordPress website?

1) Complete all steps from this manual and obtain your verification tag


Get your verification tag

2) Log into your WordPress Dashboard.

3) Add the text widget to your sidebar from look -&gt; Widgets screen, then paste PropellerAds validation tag within the widget and click on Save.

Verify web site on WordPress
For additional data concerning widgets, please visit Wordpress.org documentation.

4) return to your publisher's panel and click on the "Verify" button.


If you bought a slip, please contact North American country with the error message.
How do I integrate ads channel codes on my WordPress site?

To make validation as simple and effective as attainable for our publishers, we’ve discharged a political candidate Plugin for WordPress.

Please note: plugins work on self-hosted WordPress sites only! Most free hosted WordPress sites don't enable you to use plugins!

How do I install the PropellerAds Official Plugin for WordPress?

WordPress Plugin

Now that you simply have received the ad tags of your choice, this is often where the plugin comes in, from which you'll control the ad tags you would like to use.

1.Download and activate the “PropellerAds Official Plugin” from WordPress.
Propeller Ads Integration With Wordpress

2. After you've got downloaded and activated the plugin. It should show up in your site navigation bar, click thereon. you'll find some notification that appears like something went wrong. to urge obviate it you'll get to click on “Connect to PropellerAds SSP”.
Propeller Ads Integration With Wordpress

3. Once you've got connected you'll pick the tag you would like and activate the ads on all pages.
Propeller Ads Integration With Wordpress

Once you've got completed these steps you'll have found out ads to your website for “Push Notification” and “OnClick (Popunder)“.

DirectLink Ads

This ad format allows you to send traffic to the advertiser's offers in any way of your choosing.

Setting up DirectLinks is slightly different from the others I even have shown. this sort of ad doesn't require the WordPress plugin. Instead, the user has more flexibility in terms of where the ads are often placed employing a link.

Let’s check out how you'll get the link.

1.To get the link, first, navigate to “DirectLink” in your PropellerAds dashboard.
Propeller Ads Integration With Wordpress

2. almost like the previous ad types, you'll be prompted to make a tag. Once you've got done that you simply will receive a link which you'll place anywhere on the location .
Propeller Ads Integration With Wordpress

By placing this link within the spot of your choosing, as an example , this might be a banner, text or image), user’s will get redirected to offers which are in line with their interests once they click thereon . The interests are going to be supported their searches.

I hope that this post has helped you to line up PropellerAds for your WordPress site. As I even have mentioned PropellerAds is one among many ad networks that's available to you, if you wish to understand which other options are available you'll find it my post: 5 Adsense Alternatives for little Websites.

But if you think that PropellerAds could be for you why not check in for PropellerAds? it's free and you'll start earning from your site.

Step 5-Ad Placement

Now that the verification process has been completed. it's now time for putting ads on your website. It should be noted that you simply won't have access to all or any of the ad types. this is often because some ad formats require your websites Alexa Rank to be within 500,000. And, since mine is fairly new I'm not near that rank. So I will be able to be browsing ad types that are available to me.
The type of ads that don't get to meet 500,000 rank requirements is “Push Notification”, “Direct Link” and “OnClick (Popunder)”.

1.To start, navigate to “Sites”, then click on your site, you ought to see “Add Zones” button on the highest right corner. Click thereon.
Propeller Ads Integration With Wordpress

2. Ad types list will show, from the list pick one among the ad types by clicking “Get Tag”.
Propeller Ads Integration With Wordpress

Push Notifiaction Ads

These are ads that are within the sort of notification, which in design doesn't hinder the UI or your blog content.

1.After clicking on “Get tag”. you'll view a window, from the subsequent options choose which pricing model you'd wish to get paid from. And to assist monetize the blog albeit the users adblockers are present make sure the third option is ticked. Then click on “Get Tag” again.
Propeller Ads Integration With Wordpress

2. you'll be taken to the subsequent window. As a default, the HTTPS tag is left on. Next, select “WordPress” because the integration mode and download the “.js” file and upload it into your root directory. Once it's uploaded, verify it.
Propeller Ads Integration With Wordpress

OnClick (Popunder) Ads

These ads open up during a new tab when a user clicks anywhere within the page. fixing this sort is even easier than “Push Notification”.

1.Click on “Get tag” under OnClick (Popunder) ad type.
Propeller Ads Integration With Wordpress

2. make sure you monetize visitors with adblocking, Then click “Get tag” again. which is it, the work is completed .
Propeller Ads Integration With Wordpress


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